Official designPH DEMO download


Great to see that you are interested to see and feel designPH in action. Download the demo here - it´s totally free!

Please follow the information below to get designPH DEMO:

  1. If you have already purchased designPH PRO, please do not download and install designPH DEMO.
    If you have already installed designPH DEMO, please uninstall it before installing the purchased
    PRO version of designPH. designPH PRO is not an update to designPH DEMO!

  2. If you do not already have SketchUp installed, first download and install SketchUp from the official website or a reseller. Either the free Make or paid Pro versions of SketchUp can be used.
    designPH DEMO supports SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014 or SketchUp 2015 on PC and Mac.
    designPH DEMO should also run in SketchUp 2016 under the current Extension Security policies “Unrestricted” and “Approval mode”.

  3. Answer the questions and enter a valid email address in the form below : 
Get designPH Demo:
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    3.   An email is sent to your valid email address*, this email contains the download link 
          for your demo version of designPH which is a plugin for SketchUp.
       * Please check your spam folder.

    4.   Click the "Confirm email and get Download" button below

Important: The download link in your personalized email will be valid for one day only!

 designPH Versionen:

Info: Bitte halten Sie designPH immer am aktuellsten Stand ! - Alle verfügbaren Patches & Updates finden Sie hier.

  designPH DEMO   designPH EDU   designPH PRO
  kein PHPP Export   PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9    PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9 
v2.0.0 *     gemeinsam mit PHPP10
v1.1.5x (nicht mehr unterstützt)
v1.1.4x (nicht mehr unterstützt)
v1.1.xx (nicht mehr unterstützt)    
v1.0.30  DEMO

v1.0.20 (nicht mehr unterstützt)          
v1.0.06 (nicht mehr unterstützt)          
v1.0.00 (nicht mehr unterstützt)          

* v.2.0.0 ist spätestens mit PHPP 10 vorgesehen.