New update designPH 1.6 released

designPH 1.6 PRO is a maintenance update for designPH 1.1 - 1.5.

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For full details, and to go directly to the download (login required, existing customers only) see

Summary of new features

  • Additional inputs for Internal Heat Gains

  • Direct entry box for Treated Floor Area

  • SU 2018 compatibility declared
  • Updated climates library (for compatibility with PHPP 9.8)
  • Updated translations are provided for DE, ES, NL & PL
  • Updated component libraries (EN & DE, for compatibility with PHPP 9.8)
  • Various minor bugfixes

As always, please have fun with designPH and revolutionise the way you use PHPP laughing !

How to update to the latest designPH 1.6 version?

  1. New customers always get the very latest version when purchasing designPH. A special download link is sent by email..
  2. Existing designPH 1.1.x - 1.5 customers can update for free at to the latest available designPH version (member log in required)..
  3. Existing designPH 1.0.x customers need to upgrade first to a PHPP9 and designPH 1.1/1.5 user account.
    Please contact your local reseller to do so or find your best choice directly here..
  4. In certain situations, when you have already updated PHPP8 to PHPP9, your local reseller may have missed to also offer you the update to designPH 1.1. Please contact your local reseller to do so now (the reseller may charge a small fee).

designPH 1.6 PRO is available in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and as IP-Version. It is fully compatible with SketchUp 8 to 2018 (Pro or Make) and PHPP8 and PHPP 9.

Fur further details, pick the link below for your situation:
New customer
| Existing designPH 1.1 customer | Existing designPH 1.0 customer | Others

More detailed information on what and how to get the bundle of designPH PRO and PHPP 9 with its excellent price-performance ratio can be always found here. See also pre-sale questions for more details. Please feel free to contact us directly on any further question and issue.