designPH 2.2 (IP / unit switcher) - public beta

We are pleased to announce that the public beta for designPH v2.2 (IP / units switcher) is now available for download. This brings the possibility of live switching of unit systems, so the full heat balance calculation and entries of material properties can be viewed in alternative unit systems.
The download is free for all users with an existing designPH v2 licence. Note that as this is a beta version, there may still be some minor issues, in particular the user interface can be slower to update.
The installer download is found at You need to be logged-in to the PHI-Portal with a user account that has a designPH licence. Once installed, the beta-GUI allows you to have both the current SI-only release (v2.1.15a) and the unit-switcher version (v2.2.13b) and choose which one to load when you start SketchUp.
There is also a dedicated forum category at Here you can find further details and can contribute to discussions and give feedback.