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  • After making a purchase of designPH you will receive login credentials to access the initial software download and updates, online manual and other support resources.
  • iPHA members includes affiliate members of the International Passive House Association and also IG Passivhaus Germany and Passivhaus Austria.
  • Proof of current student, staff or institutional status is required to receive a designPH EDU license. Evidence for this will be requested at the time of purchase


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designPH versions:

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  no PHPP export   PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9    PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9 
v2.0.0 coming soon    

v1.6 (no longer supported)          
v1.5 (no longer supported)    
v1.0.x (no longer supported)    



Software pre-requisites:


Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Mac OS X
PHPP Version if you use PHPP 8, please update to PHPP 9
Note: designPH 1.0 versions works exclusively with PHPP 8.5
if you use PHPP 7, please upgrade to PHPP 9
Note: designPH 1.0 versions works exclusively with PHPP 8.5
Spreadsheet To be able to import designPH export files into PHPP 8 and/or PHPP 9, you need a corresponding spreadsheet software. You can get detailed information on that in your current PHPP handbook.
Make or Pro

Google SketchUp 8.0.11751 (8.0 M2) is compatible with designPH 1.0.x/1.1.x/1.5.x.
Note: The "Install Extension" feature in SketchUp is only available from SU 8 maintenance release M2 onwards. For earlier versions no more install of the plugin is provided.

Trimble SketchUp 2013 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.0.x/1.1.x/1.5.x.

Trimble SketchUp 2014 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.0.x/1.1.x/1.5.x.

Trimble SketchUp 2015 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.0.x/1.1.x/1.5.x.

Trimble SketchUp 2016 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.1.x/1.5.x

Trimble SketchUp 2017 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.1.x - 2.0.x

Trimble SketchUp 2018 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.5.x - 2.0.x

Since the release of designPH v2.0 in May 2019, SketchUp versions 2019+ are no longer tested with designPH <= v1.6 so compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Trimble SketchUp 2019 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 2.0.x

Trimble SketchUp 2020 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 2.0.x

Trimble SketchUp 2021 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 2.0.x

Trimble SketchUp 2022 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 2.0.x

Trimble SketchUp 2023 (Pro) is compatible with designPH 2.1.x


[Download SketchUpall OS & languages].


There is no compatibility with Google SketchUp 7 version.

There is no compatibility with SketchUp "Free" (browser-based version) - it does not support any third-party extensions. 

designPH versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.6 are not compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2014 / 2015 and upwards.

designPH version 1.0.20 is not compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2015 and upwards.

designPH versions 1.0.30/1.1.0 are not 100% compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2016 and upwards.

(See also FAQ)