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SketchUp 2024 release and designPH v2.1.15 compatibility

SketchUp 2024 is now released. In our testing with designPH v2.1.15a we found that the change to Ruby 3 has caused a number of issues which make designPH v2.1 incompatible with SketchUp 2024.

Most of these issues have already been solved during the development of designPH v2.2 which is in the final stages of preparation.

designPH 2.2 (IP / unit switcher) - public beta

We are pleased to announce that the public beta for designPH v2.2 (IP / units switcher) is now available for download. This brings the possibility of live switching of unit systems, so the full heat balance calculation and entries of material properties can be viewed in alternative unit systems.

designPH update 2.1.15 | PHPP10-IP and SU2023 compatibility

The designPH 2.1.15 update is now released. This brings export compatibility with PHPP10-IP, climate and component library updates and is ready for SketchUp 2023! The installer can be downloaded from your personal download page at