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designPH 2.0 is here

image credit: Monash University, Gillies Hall, Melbourne, AU. Arch: Jackson Clements Burrows © grunconsulting. Rendering by PHI

designPH 1.6 update released

designPH 1.1.50 update for PHPP-IP 9 users

The update patch 1.1.50 for designPH 1.1.x is now available. It is free for all existing designPH 1.1 / PHPP 9 users. This update provides the IP-Patch and the spanish translation.

All PHPP_IPv9 users are now also able to benefit from designPH 1.1. After activating designPH with the PHPP-IP regcode from your local reseller you can use designPH with IP-export mode enabled.
Spanish translations and component libraries added. designPH should automatically launch in Spanish when used on a version of SketchUp that is running in Spanish (this may also depend on the language settings of the Operating System or your user account).

designPH-development team